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Women’s Health And Shared Obstetric Care


Women’s Health And Shared Obstetric Care

Paterson Healthcare believes a healthy woman is essential to a healthy family and community. This is why we focus on meeting the healthcare requirements of women across their lifespans.
Our comprehensive women's health and shared obstetric care services prioritise your mental and physical health.

Our highly qualified independent female GPs, nurses, allied health workers, and visiting specialists provide unmatched care and professionalism. We cover all medical services, including exams, treatments, and health support and guidance.

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A World of Care for Women's Health and GP Services

Discover the best and most comprehensive care with our wide range of specialised services suited to your needs

Pap Smear

 Protect your health with our Pap smear screenings.

Breast Cancer Surveillance Education

Protect yourself from breast cancer with our informative courses.

Menopause Advice

Confidently embrace life changes with our expert guidance.

Pre-Pregnancy Counselling

Lay a strong foundation for a healthy pregnancy with our pre-pregnancy guidance

Mental Health Care

Your emotional well-being matters and our compassionate team is here to support you every step of the way.

Contraceptive Advice

Informed choices like Implanon and Mirena empower you.

Fertility Advice

Navigating the path to parenthood can be complex; let us guide you.

Shared Obstetric Care

Start your pregnancy confidently thanks to our experienced support and coordination with local Public/Private hospitals.

Lifestyle Education

Embrace healthier choices with our personalised lifestyle education programs.

Preventive Health Education

Knowledge is the key to prevention, and we equip you with the tools you need to safeguard your health.

Sexual Health and Screening

Prioritise your sexual health with our family planning, safe sexual practices, and STI screening services.