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Children's Healthcare Services


Children’s Health

We should never take easy shortcuts when it comes to our children's health. Parents' primary goal is to give their children the best care possible. Paterson Healthcare is here to offer excellent taking care of children's health.
Paterson Healthcare has quickly become known as a top care provider for children because we have the best and most experienced independent doctors. Many parents trust us to give their kids the best because we are always committed to providing excellent health services.

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Baby and Childhood Checks (as per the NSW Personal Health Record (“Blue Book”)

Every child deserves a healthy start in life, which is why we provide a full spectrum of health examinations appropriate for their age.

1–4-Week Check

Welcoming New Life

6 – 8 Week Check and Immunisation

Building Immunity

6 Month Check and Immunisation

Monitoring Growth and Development

12 Month Check and Immunisation

Celebrating Milestones

18 Month Check and Immunisation

Nurturing Well-Being

2 Year Check

Supporting Growth and Learning

3 Year Check

Promoting Holistic Development

A Strong Start to School

Preparing for the Future

4 Year Check including Healthy Kids Check and Immunisation

School Readiness

Healthy Kids Check at Paterson Healthcare

The Healthy Kids Check exemplifies how seriously we take your child's health and happiness. This specialised assessment is meant to give an in-depth understanding of your child's health and growth to find possible risk factors and encourage a healthy lifestyle in young children.

Comprehensive Assessment

The Healthy Kids Check encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of various aspects of your child’s health.

Expert Management and Care

Beyond assessments, Paterson Healthcare stands ready to provide expert management and care for a range of childhood health needs

Developmental Assessments

Early Detection of Behavioral Conditions