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General Medicine


General Medicine

Paterson Healthcare's independent General Medicine specialists treat all ages, genders, and diseases with care and compassion. Our highly trained, independent medical specialists serve your every need and go above and beyond your health expectations. We're here to help you in the long run with services tailored to your requirements.


We prioritise keeping your selected doctor on your schedule. Of course, if they are booked or unavailable, we will quickly provide your information to another independent doctor who is just as qualified. In Paterson Healthcare, you and your health are our top priorities, and we take great pride in serving you with compassion and respect.
Come and experience the difference with us!

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Medical Services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Individuals identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander are always welcome to seek medical care from our experienced independent medical practitioners. We believe in eliminating healthcare inequities and enhancing health outcomes in these regions.

Closing the Gap Initiatives

We identify and understand the key gaps in healthcare access and provision.