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Chronic Disease Management


Chronic Disease Management

Step into a consultation with our independent expert doctors, and you'll find yourself exploring the possibility of receiving a personalised GP Management Plan (GPMP) and Team Care Arrangement (TCA) for you or your family member.

Check out our complete plans, especially for people with long-term or complicated health problems. With our GPMP and TCA, you get special access to Allied Health Professionals like physiotherapists, psychologists, podiatrists, exercise physiologists, dieticians, and occupational therapists.

With GPMP and TCA, you can be referred to trained Allied Health Professionals who can help you in many ways. Medicare will pay for five visits with Allied Health experts of your choice. There is a limit of five free visits per year. These visits are available for the rest of the calendar year and even the next one.

Request our nursing team's assistance; they'll be eager to assist you further. After reviewing your medical history, they'll carefully assess your eligibility based on Medicare guidelines, ensuring you qualify for the benefits.

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