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Flu Vaccinations


Flu Vaccinations

The safety of all Australian citizens is a top priority of Paterson Healthcare, so we're happy if you choose to come here to get immunised. At our healthcare centre, you can easily get injections and vaccinations, making it easy to care for your health.

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Boosting Well-Being Through Vaccinations

We can satisfy a wide range of patients with our flu vaccinations. The youngest to the oldest are accommodated.

Little Ones' Well-Being

Our newborn and child immunisations follow the NSW Immunisation Schedule, so your children are protected.

Annual Influenza Vaccination Clinic

Our Annual Influenza Vaccination Clinic protects eligible individuals from flu germs for free.

Pneumococcal Protection

You can get free pneumococcal vaccinations for eligible patients, giving you peace of mind and protection.

Boosting Vitality with Regular Injections

Vitamin B12, Clexane, Iron, Depot Contraception, and Depot Antipsychotics—all your injection needs are met here. Count on us to boost your energy.

Extensive Vaccine Offerings

Vaccinations for Hepatitis B, Tetanus, Whooping Cough, Typhoid, and more are available. Anything you need, we have it.

Travel Vaccinations on Deck

Are you traveling the world? We've got your travel vaccinations. Protect yourself everywhere with our carefully provided immunisations.