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Travel Medicine


Take the First Step Towards a Healthier Trip

Are you ready for a fantastic adventure? Before going, remember travel medicine is necessary. We believe everyone deserves happiness and health. So, we'll do everything we can to prevent infectious diseases abroad. While away from home, our professional independent doctors will preserve your health. Assessment is given on your medical history, routine, travel plans, length of stay, and hobbies. We can guide you to have a safe journey in respect of health.

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Patterson Healthcare Travel Medicine Services Include

Vaccination and Medication Assessment

We carefully examine your vaccinations and medicine needs depending on your unique needs to protect your health.

Malaria Prevention

Our malaria prevention is customised to your medical history and travel plans.

Mosquito Avoidance Measures

Suggestions for preventing mosquito

Protecting You From Food Poisoning

We guide you to avoid food-related health complications while trying different foods.

Travel First-Aid Kits

We have complete travel first-aid kits with prescription and non-prescription medicines for unexpected health issues.

Managing Existing Medical Conditions Abroad

Keep your medical conditions in check when traveling with our advice.

Call us today and take that first exhilarating step towards a journey in respect of health!