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WorkCover Injury Assessments


Rapid Recovery with WorkCover Injury Checks

Paterson Healthcare helps people who have been hurt get better as quickly and well as possible. Our WorkCover Injury Checks and Third Party meetings are carefully made to make sure that any work-related illness or injury is assessed quickly, correctly diagnosed, and treated quickly and effectively.

workcover serious injury applications feature

Your Health and our Workcover Injury Check Services

  • Injury Triage Services
  • Supervision of Occupational Health Incidents

Appraisal of Functional Capability

WorkCover Documentation

  • Liaison with Employers, Insurance Entities, Case Supervisors, and Rehabilitation Professionals
  • Facilitating Swift Employee Recovery for Prompt Return to Original Duties

Worker's Compensation Advisory Sessions

During your appointment scheduling, kindly indicate that you require a 'Worker's Compensation' or 'Third Party' session.

Please be aware that 'Medicare rebate is not applicable' for consultations for Worker's Compensation or Third Party cases.